Verbatim Qflix 96747 DVD Recordable Media - DVD-R - 8x - 4.70 GB - 5 Pack Slim Case

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As a key media developer for the new DVD Download specification, trust Verbatim to deliver the highest quality Qflix enabled DVD media for consumer home burning. Qflix allows movies and other video content to be downloaded and legally burned using recordable CSS technology. Verbatim Qflix media are compatible with all Qflix enabled burning hardware, and once recorded can be played back in the vast majority of DVD player devices. Verbatim's Qflix DVD-R media utilizes our renowned Azo recording dye. High performance, professional grade, always reliable.

  • DVD recordable media are one-time record discs, guaranteeing that your important documents won't erase with time
  • The 4.70 GB disc provides you with enough space for documents, video, music, files and more
  • The standard 120mm disc size that has a similar physical dimension as most audio, videos, games and PC software's CD or DVD

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