Supermicro H8DCi Workstation Motherboard - NVIDIA Chipset - Socket PGA-940

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The H8DCi Workstation Board is based on the nVidia nForce Pro 2200/2050 and AMD 8132 chipset. The nVidia nForce Pro 2200/2050 functions as Media and Communications Processors (MCPs) and the AMD 8132 as a PCI-X Tunnel. Controllers for the system memory are integrated directly into the AMD Opteron processors.

  • Compatible Opteron Dual-Core processor lets you perform all your computational tasks at a swift pace
  • DDR SDRAM compatible slot - Install memory that synchronizes electrical and clock signals for an efficient data throughput
  • Supported 0 RAID levels provide data reliability and fault tolerance
  • Extended ATX form factor brings a significant number of PCI slots, expansion slots, and peripheral ports with an enhanced heat dissipation capability

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