Citrix CloudBridge 3000-100 Application Acceleration Appliance

Call for Availability
Optimizes and controls applications to all locations: branch, datacenter and public clouds and mobile users

Citrix® CloudBridge™ provides a unified platform that accelerates applications across public and private networks, resulting in superior application performance and end user experience. CloudBridge offers a broad base of features including protocol acceleration, market-leading optimization for Citrix® XenDesktop, secure tunnels between enterprise locations and sophisticated quality of service (QoS). CloudBridge combines these features with extensive bandwidth and application usage reporting for application optimization giving IT fine-grained control over public and private network resources. With the option of an integrated Windows Server, CloudBridge also supports branch IT consolidation.
  • Application Acceleration Appliance - Ensures high availability and excellent performance of applications over WAN, while reducing cost and complexity
  • Gigabit Ethernet port - Provides up to 10x faster Ethernet connectivity, while providing high-performance uplinks
  • Management Feature - Provides control over the setup and configuration of your network
  • With its rack-mountable feature, the installation of application acceleration appliance becomes convenient and safe

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