Verbatim 96685 CD Rewritable Media - CD-RW - 12x - 700 MB - 20 Pack Slim Case


Colorful CD-RWs can be erased and rewritten multiple times with a certified 4X to 12X ultra-speed rewrite compatibility. Each disc features a 700MB/80 minute capacity and branded surface and includes a slim jewel case with matching color. Advanced super-eutectic phase change recording layer ensures durability and reliability while archiving data at higher rewrite speeds. CD-RW allows you to rewrite data without errors up to 1,000 times. Discs are read compatible with multi-read CD and DVD drives.

  • Copy music, and digital photograph collections on your CD rewritable media promptly
  • The 700 MB disc storage is sufficient for storing all your favorite stuff like videos, songs, documents and images

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